FY BBA CA Semester 2 Textbook


Authors Name Bhupesh Taunk , Aniket Nagane
ISBN 13 9789389686968
Edition First
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Pages 194
Language English
Publishing Year Jan-20
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1. Introduction

1.1 Clients- Servers and Communication
1.2 Internet-Basic, Internet Protocols (HTTP, FTP, IP)
1.3 World Wide Web(WWW)
1.4 HTTP request message, HTTP response message

2. Web Design

2.1 Concepts of effective web design
2.2 Web design issues including Browser
Bandwidth and Cache
2.3 Display resolution
2.4 Look and Feel of the Website
2.5 Page Layout and linking
2.6 User centric design
2.7 Sitemap
2.8 Planning and publishing website
2.9 Designing effective navigation


3.1 Introduction to HTML
3.2 Basic HTML Structure
3.3 Common HTML Tags
3.4 Physical and Logical HTML
3.5 Types of Images, client side and server-side Image mapping
3.6 List, Table, Frames
3.7 Embedding Audio, Video
3.8 HTML form and form elements
3.9 Introduction to HTML Front Page

4. Style Sheets

4.1 Need for CSS
4.2 Introduction to CSS
4.3 Basic syntax and structure
4.4 Using CSS

4.4.1 background images, colors and properties,
4.4.2 manipulating texts, using fonts, borders and boxes, margins, padding lists, positioning using CSS

4.5 Overview and features of CSS2 and CSS3

5. JavaScript

5.1 Introduction to Java Script
5.2 Identifier & operator, control structure, functions
5.3 Document object model(DOM),
5.4 DOM Objects (window, navigator, history, location)
5.5 Predefined functions, math & string functions
5.6 Array in Java scripts
5.7 Event handling in Java script

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