Edition Fourth
Publishing Year Feb-20
Pages 160
ISBN 9789387397392
Language English
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1 The multidisciplinary nature of environmental studies and natural resources
2 Ecosystems
3 Environmental pollution

Environmental Sciences by Dr. Kishore R. Pawar, Dr. Sachin B. Narkhede

Book Summary:
It gives me immense pleasure to present this book titled “A Text Book of Environmental Sciences” for the students of B.Pharm. Semester II. Our Earth is the only precious planet in this vast universe where diverse forms of living organisms like plants, animals and microorganisms live. Our very existence depends on the conservation of the environment. The environmental damage inflicted due to alarming population explosion, rapid urbanisation and industrialisation, increasing needs of energy and fast scientific and technological advancement cannot be reversed unless there is collective thinking, will and effort by the common people. These call for public awareness and participation for bringing about an attitudinal change and finally restricting further damage to the environment.

Effective implementation of environmental management and conservation programmes depends on education, awareness and training in the relevant areas. The importance of environmental awareness is that it helps individuals understand the impact we as humans have on our planet. Without an understanding of how to conserve natural resources and the compelling need to do so, few people would be motivated to participate actively in programmes on environmental conservation. Environment education and awareness thus assume critical importance.

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