CLASSIFICATION AND QUESTIONNAIRES IN PHARMACOLOGY [Provides quick review of Pharmacology for Viva-Voce, Post graduate entrance examinations, drug inspector exam and government pharmacist]


Edition Fifth
Publishing Year Feb-19
Pages 202
ISBN 9789380725666
Language English
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About the Book :

1. This book is an attempt to provide guidance for the students during study of pharmacology subject for assessing their depth of reading and knowledge after finishing a particular topic in pharmacology.

2. The Book will help them undertake self assessment procedures.

3. The Special feature of this book is that it covers up-to-date classifications of drugs, reasoning and multiple choice questions which are written sectionwise. E.g. In Antimicrobial; it covers classification of different antimicrobials, reasoning and multiple choice questions from sulphonamide, urinary antiseptics, antibiotics, fluoroquinolone, antimalarial, antituberculosis, antileprosy, antimobiasis, anthelmintics, etc.

4. The book is primarily written for viva-voce, post graduate entrance examinations, other competitive examinations like drug inspector, etc and Government pharmacist. It can also be used for Nursing and Dental Examinations.

Table of Contents :

1. General pharmacology

2. Drug acting on autonomic nervous system

3. Autocoids

4. Pain and inflammation

5. Drugs acting on respiratory system

6. Immunomodulators

7. Drugs acting on endocrine system

8. Drugs acting on metabolic disorders

9. Drugs used in Nervous System

10. Drugs acting on Blood

11. Drugs acting on CVS

12. Drugs acting on GIT

13. Antimicrobial Agents

14. Anticancer

15. Special Topics

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Dimensions 22 × 16 × 2 cm