PLANT ANATOMY AND EMBRYOLOGY (SY BSc Semester 4 Botany (BO-241) Paper 1)


Authors Name Dr. K.N. Dhumal , Dr. B.P. Shinde , Dr. H.S. Patil , Dr. K.S. Bhosale
Edition First
Publishing Year Dec-20
Pages 126
ISBN 9789390506941
Language English
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1. Introduction to Anatomy
2. Eqidermal Tissue System
3. Mechanical Tissue System
4. Normal Secondary Growth
5. Anomalous Secondary Growth
6. Introduction to Embryology
7. Microsporangium and Male Gametophyte
8. Megasporangium and Female Gametophyte
9. Pollination and Fertilization
10. Endosperm and Embryo
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