PHYTOPHARMACEUTICALS [For Undergraduate, Postgraduate Students and Research Scholars in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences]


Authors Name Dr. Adhikrao V Yadav , Pankaj A Jadhav , Satwashila S Kadam
Edition Second
Publishing Year Feb 2019
Pages 141
ISBN 9789388293105
Language English
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About the Book :

1. Phytoconstituents obtained from natural resources by expression, distillation and other operations are gaining high importance in life sciences for varied reasons. Substantial efforts have been made in the recent years to identify new, natural remedies to combat a wide variety of diseases. Research scholars engaged in such efforts need to have fundamental knowledge of the chemical nature especially the structure of phytoconstituents found in the plants.

2. Moreover, to standardize and stabilize phytopharmaceutical ; the knowledge of its chemical nature is of prime importance.

3. It is with the above objectives that the relevant information have been compiled and provided in this book.

Table of Contents :

1. Various Ring Structures ,

2. Various Common Structures :

2.1 Carbohydrates ,

2.2 Glycosides ,

2.3 Tannins ,

2.4 Lipids ,

2.5 Terpenes ,

2.6 Alkaloids ,

3. Synthetic Pesticides ,

4. Growth Regulators ,

5. Phytoconstituents ,

– Index

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