Authors Name DR A PAWAR
Edition Second
Publishing Year May-17
Pages 220
ISBN 9789351649557
Language English
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1 Profession of Pharmacy
2 Pharmacopoeias
3 Prescription
4 Posology
5 Weights Measures and Pharmaceutical Calculation
6 Dosage Forms
7 Powders Granules and Tablets
8 Monophasic Dosage Forms
9 Suspensions
10 Emulsions
11 Suppositories
12 incompatibilities
13 Galenicals
14 Surgical Aids

About the Book :

Pharmaceutics for Pharm.D. is the first book of this type in India that introduces the role and scope of pharm.D. graduates. In addition to the scientific principles of pharmaceutics, more emphasis is given to the principles of pharmacy practice such as patient counselling, patient instructions, therapeutic and biopharmaceutical
considerations in selecting suitable dosage forms etc. Therefore, this book is especially for Pharm.D. students who willingly selected the practice as their career.

Weight 253 g
Dimensions 25 × 18 × 2 cm