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1. Stereoisomerism
2. Geometrical Isomerism
3. Heterocyclic Compounds-I
4. Heterocyclic Compounds-II
5. Reactions of Synthetic Importance

About the Book :

Unit 1 : Stereo isomerism includes optical isomerism, DL & RS system, some reactions of chiral molecules, racemic modification, resolution, reactions of chiral molecules and asymmetric synthesis.

Unit 2 gives detailed idea of geometrical isomerism and stereo-specific and stereo-selective reactions.

Unit 3 and Unit 4 deals with the nomenclature, method of preparation, chemical reactions and uses of heterocyclic compounds.

The last unit includes some named reactions of synthetic importance like Clemmensen reduction, Birch reduction, Wolff-Kishner reduction, Oppenauer oxidation, Dakin reaction, Beckmanns rearrangement, Schmidt rearrangement and Claisen-Schmidt condensation.

We hope this text book will provide complete coverage of new syllabus prescribed by Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) for the beginning of B. Pharm. IVth Semester students. We have tried to avoid printing errors. However, despite best efforts, some errors might have crept in inadvertently. These shall be abolished if these are brought to our notice. Constructive suggestions, comments and criticism on the subject matter of the book will be gratefully acknowledged, as they will certainly help to improve future editions of the book. It is hoped that the book will be received favorably as an effective text book by both students and teachers of pharmacy, science and medical scientists.