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1. Flow Of Fluids,
2. Size Reduction,
3. Size Separation,
4. Heat Transfer,
5. Evaporation,
6. Distillation,
7. Drying,
8. Mixing,
9. Filtration,
10. Centrifugation,
11. Materials Of Pharmaceutical Plant Construction Corrosion and its Prevention.

About the Book :

This book is designed to impart a fundamental knowledge on the art and science of various unit operations used in pharmaceutical industry.  Pharmaceutical Engineering is concerned with the study of industrial process required to convert raw material into value added Pharmaceutical such as drugs and excipients. It is a subject of importance both to the industrial pharmacist and the undergraduate students.

Upon the completion of the course student shall be able to:

1.  To know various unit operations used in Pharmaceutical industries.

2.  To understand the material handling techniques.

3.  To perform various processes involved in pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

4.  To carry out various test to prevent environmental pollution.

5.  To appreciate and comprehend significance of plant layout design for optimum use of resources.

6. To appreciate the various preventive methods used for corrosion control in Pharmaceutical industries.

Special emphasis is laid on Example, Diagram and Tables, Model Calculations and Questions.  This book is designed according to the curriculum of undergraduate courses in Pharmacy by Pharmacy Council of India New Syllabus useful all over India.