Authors Name Prof. Chandrakant Kokare
Edition First
Publishing Year Nov-19
Pages 224
ISBN 9789389686340
Language English
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1. Introduction to Biotechnology
2. Enzyme Biotechnology
3. Biosensors
4. Protein Engineering
5. Cloning Vectors and Enzymes
6. Recombinant DNA Technology
7. Polymerase Chain Reaction
8. Immunity
9. Hypersensitivity Reactions
10. Vaccines and Sera
11. Hybridoma Technology
12. Immunoblotting Techniques
13. Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes
14. Microbial Genetics
15. Microbial Biotransformation
16. Fermentation
17. Production of Pharmaceuticals
18. Blood Products and Plasma SUbstitutes
* Appendices

About the Book :

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology subject has been included in the syllabus of almost all colleges and universities both at under-graduate and post-graduate levels. This subject is related to development of new strains for pharmaceuticals, fermentation technology, recombinant technology, enzyme immobilization, developments of transgenic plants and animals, and production of new molecules by biotransformation.

This ‘PHARMACEUTICAL BIOTECHNOLOGY book has been written by considering the syllabus prescribed by PHARMACY COUNCIL OF INDIA (PCI). The book is designed for Third Year B. Pharm students (semester-VI). All the chapters in the present book are followed by objective type, short answer, long answer and multiple choice questions as per University examination pattern.

The book is a simple, handy, comprehensive and profusely illustrated digest on Pharmaceutical Biotechnology with special stress on the requirement of undergraduates. The basic principles and techniques of diverse biotechnological fields have been presented. The realization of the need and importance for students promoted me to write new book as per syllabus of PCI semester pattern. It is also hoped that it will serve as a useful resource for teachers of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology.

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