Authors Name Dr. Alok Sharma , Prof. (Dr.) G. D. Gupta
Edition First
Publishing Year May 2020
Pages 210
ISBN 9789389944723
Language English
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This book is a primer for Herbal Industries, Academic Institutes, teachers, researchers and students, helping those across the country to learn, explain, and experiment on herbal drugs by HPTLC.

1. The authors highlight the importance of chemical profiling of herbal drugs as a major parameter to check the quality and purity.
2. This Monograph starts with the basic Pharmacognosy and ends with the advancement of herbal drugs by HPTLC finger printing profiling.
3. Monograph contains the HPTLC applications and method development of herbal drugs, finger printing profiling including the common and scientific names of plants, as well as a useful information of medicinal plants, which makes this Monograph entirely readable by both the scholar, students, researchers and the lay person wishing to deepen their knowledge of chemical profiling of herbal medicines.
4. This monograph provides the finger printing profiling of about 100 herbal drugs which could be useful for various herbal formulations. The analytical methods of these drugs are valuable for herbal based industries.

The main highlights of the Monographs are :
1. In this monograph, attempts are being made to expand the use of HPTLC and at the same time create interest among prospective researcher and students in herbal analysis.
2. The developed method can be used as a quality control tool for rapid authentication from a wide variety of herbal samples which is a vital element in the routine identification of complex fingerprints of herbal drugs.
3. The HPTLC methods in this monograph are most flexible, reliable, and cost-efficient separation technique ideally suited for the analysis of botanicals and herbal drugs.
4. The concepts of fingerprinting profiling of herbal drugs have been introduced for better understanding of herbal drugs.
5. The herbal drugs in the monograph have been designed in such a way that the reader follows each step of the HPTLC in logical order.
6. The monograph describes the recent advancements of finger printing of herbal drugs using HPTLC and provide a new insight for future to “Q-marker”/approach of herbal drugs.

Reviews (5)


  1. Vineet Kumar Rai

    This is an excellent peace of work. It is very useful in assessing the presence of characteristic phytomolecules in the selected plants…. It is very useful in reducing the time of literature survey… Well done… It was highly required for the investigators working in the area of phytopharmacology and Phytopharmaceuticals….

  2. Vineet Kumar Rai

    Excellent compilation and excellent piece of work. Thanks for this monograph.. It is very useful in reducing the time for literature survey… Thanks for this compilation.

  3. Richa Sharma

    The book appear to be really worthy. A must read book for a pharmacognosy student.
    It gives you a much better idea about HPTLC and its use in fingerprint profiling of herbal drugs.

  4. Dr. Anurag Chaudhary

    I was looking for such type of book as I am working in this field. This book is very useful for professionals working on plant products. The HPTLC finger printing profiling of plant drugs mentioned in the book is an important tool to determine the identity, quality and purity of a herbal sample.

  5. Abhishek Bhardwaj

    [2:02 PM, 5/28/2020] LRIPL: THE BOOK “Monograph on high performance thin layer chromatography of selectedmedical plants ” by Dr.Alok Sharma and Prof (Dr) G.D. Gupta highlights the importance of chemical profiling of herbal drugs.Monograph contains the HPTLC application and method development of herbal drugs,finger printing profiling including the common and scientific names of plant as well as useful information of medicinal plants.The book serves as a primer for herbal industries and academic institutes.As well as it can be very helpful for the teachers,researchers and students who wants to learn,explain and experimental on herbal drug by HPTLC.

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