Authors Name Dr. Santram Lodhi , Dr. Md. Rageeb Md. Usman , Dr. Tushar A. Deshmukh , Vaibhav M. Darvhekar , Dr. Mohan Lal Kori
Edition First
Publishing Year Oct-19
Pages 292
ISBN 9789389108019
Language English
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Chapter 1: Herbs as Raw Materials
Chapter 2: Biodynamic Agriculture
Chapter 3: Traditional Medicine
Chapter 4: Nutraceuticals
Chapter 5: Interaction
Chapter 6: Herbal Cosmetics
Chapter 7: Herbal Excipients
Chapter 8: Herbal Formulations
Chapter 9: Evaluation of Crude Drugs
Chapter 10: Patenting and Regulatory Requirements of Natural Products
Chapter 11: Introduction to Herbal Industry
Chapter 12: Good Manufacturing Practice of India Systems of Medicine

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