GUIDELINES FOR NATIONAL DRUG POLICY [Indian Scenario based on WHO document on the same topic]


Authors Name DR S B BHISE
Edition Second
Publishing Year Apr-17
Pages 178
ISBN 9789351645276
Language English
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About the Book :

  1. This book is a useful compilation and is written in line with World Health Organisation document entitled “Guidelines for Developing a National Drug Policy” in 1988 and the second edition of the document titled “How to develop and implement a National Drug Policy.”
  2. The book provides an Indian scenario to the above document.
  3. There is a strong need to view the practical implications of the WHO document if implemented in India.
  4. If benefits of drug development are to be passed on to the majority of the population, then the concept of Essential Drugs has to be imbibed fully in the policy statement of the country. Affordability of drugs is one of the prime issues in access of drugs.

Table of Contents :

1 Introduction
2 The NDP Process
3 Legislation
4 Selection of Essential Drugs
5 Affordability
6 Drug Financing
7 Supply Systems
8 Drug Regulation
9 Rational Drug Use
10 Research
11 Human Resource Development
12 Monitoring And Evaluation
13 Present Scenario
– Appendix I
– Appendix II
– Glossary
– References

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