Authors Name Mandeep Kumar Arora
Edition First
Publishing Year Jan-19
Pages 66
ISBN 9789388706407
Language English
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Experiment 1 : Introduction to Experimental Pharmacology

Experiment 2 : Commonly used Instruments in Experimental Pharmacology

Experiment 3 : Study of common Laboratory Animals

Experiment 4 : Maintenance of Laboratory Animals as per CPCSEA Guidelines

Experiment 5 : Common Laboratory Techniques. Blood Withdrawal, Serum and Plasma Separation Anesthetics and Euthanasia used for Animal Studies

Experiment 6 : Study of different Routes of Drugs Administration in Mice/Rats

Experiment 7 : Study of effect of Hepatic Microsomal Enzyme Inducers on the Phenobarbitone Sleeping Time in Mice

Experiment 8 : Effect of Drugs on Ciliary Motility of Frog Oesophagus

Experiment 9 : Effect of Drugs on Rabbit Eye

Experiment 10 : Effects of Skeletal Muscle Relaxants using Rota-rod Apparatus

Experiment 11 : Effect of Drugs on Locomotor activity using Actophotometer

Experiment 12 : Anticonvulsant Effect of Drugs by MES and PTZ Method

Experiment 13 : Study of Stereotype and Anti-catatonic activity of Drugs on Rats/Mice

Experiment 14 : Study of Anxiolytic activity of Drugs using Rats/Mice

Experiment 15 : Study of Local Anesthetics by different methods

About the Book :

To impart skills to budding pharmacologists, experimental pharmacology is an essential area of training. This practical book represents a blend of ideas from other laboratory manuals, text books, CPCSEA guidelines and one’s past experience in pharmacology laboratories.

This practical book covers all essential components to impart the necessary required skills to students in the subject of pharmacology as per prevailing regulations in the country. The book is written for the fourth semester B. Pharmacy students as per the PCI new syllabus.

The experiments are designed to acquaint the student with various pharmacological and toxicological principles or concepts. A brief introductory material is provided in the experiments in order to understand the theoretical background. The procedures have been kept as simple as possible, since the experiments depend on student participation. The students are expected to read each experiment thoroughly before performing the experiment and collect data carefully

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