Authors Name M N Bajad
Edition First
Publishing Year Jun-18
Pages 165
ISBN 9789351646891
Language English
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UNIT-I: Prestresses Concrete – Analysis
CHAPTER 1: Fundamental Principles of Prestresses Concrete
CHAPTER 2: Losses of Prestress
CHAPTER 3: Stress CalculationsUNIT-II: Prestresses Concrete-Design
CHAPTER 4: Flexural Strength of Prestresses Concrete Section
CHAPTER 5: Shear Resistance of Prestresses Concrete Members
CHAPTER 6: Deflection of Prestresses Concrete Members
CHAPTER 7: Stress Distribution in end Blocks
CHAPTER 8: Design of Prestresses Concrete Section
CHAPTER 9: Prestressed Concrete Slabs

UNIT-III: Design of Flat Slab
CHAPTER 10: Design of Flat Slab

UNIT-IV: Earth Retaining Structures
CHAPTER 11: Retaining Walls

UNIT-V: Liquid Retaining Structures

UNIT-VI: Introduction to Vibration and Earthquake Analysis
CHAPTER 13: Theory of Vibrations and Earthquake Loads
CHAPTER 14: Approximate Analysis of Multistoreyed Frames

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