Authors Name P V Shrotri
Edition First
Publishing Year Sep 18
Pages 238
ISBN 9789388293242
Language English
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Unit I: Basics
Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics and Properties of Fluids
Chapter 2: Fluid Statics (Pressure and its Mesurement)Unit II: Fluid Statics
Chapter 3: Fluid Static (Hydrostatic Forces on Surfaces)
Chapter 4: Fluid Static (Buoyancy and Floatation)

Unit III: Fluid Kinematics
Chapter 5: Kinematics of Fluid Motion

Unit IV: Fluid Dynamics
Chapter 6: Fluid Dynamics

Unit V: Types of Flow
Chapter 7: Laminar Flow
Chapter 8: Turbulent Flow

Unit VI: Dimensional Analysis
Chapter 9: Dimensional Analysis
Chapter 10: Boundary Layer Theory
Chapter 11: Forces on Immersed Bodies

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