ENGINEERING PHYSICS II [As per Syllabus of SBTE, Jharkhand – First Year Diploma Engineering – Semester II (2)]


Authors Name M A SUTAR , M S PAWAR
Edition Second
Publishing Year Jan 19
Pages 110
ISBN 9789387686168
Language English
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1 Kinetics
2 Work power and energy
3 Acoustics
4 Electric field
5 Electrical potential
6 Fiber optics
7 Band theory of solids
8 Introduction to nanotechnology
9 Non conventional sources of energy

About the Book :

It gives us a sense of satisfaction to bring out this New revised edition of Engineering Physics – II. This book aims at providing a complete coverage of the needs of First Year students as per S.B.T.E’s. revised syllabus. The entire revised syllabus has been covered keeping in view the non-availability of the complete subject matter through a single source.

The difficult articles have been explained in a simple language providing, wherever necessary, neat and well explained diagrams so that even an average student may be able to follow it independently. A sufficient number of solved examples and problems with answers are given at the end of each topic. Formulae specifying symbol meaning are enlisted before solving the examples. Synopsis is given at the starting of each topic which will give a fair idea about the task to be studied in the chapter. Solving problem is the big problem for most of the students. In this book, attempt has been made to simplify this difficulty by solving examples in simple style and in sufficient details to follow the developments.

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