Authors Name Dr. M. Y. Gokhale , Dr. N. S. Mujumdar , S. S. Kulkarni , A. N. Singh , K. R. Atal
Edition First
Publishing Year Jan-20
Pages 451
ISBN 9789389825435
Language English
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1. First Order Ordinary Differential Equations
2. Applications of First Order Differential Equations
3. Reduction Formulae, Beta and Gamma Functions
4. Differentiation Under the Integral Sign and Error Functions
5. Curve Tracing and Rectification of Curves
6. CO-ordinate System, Plane, Straight Line and Solids of Revolution
7. Sphere
8. The Cone and the Cylinder
9. Multiple Intergrals: Double and Triple Intergrals
10. Area, Volume, Mean and Root Mean Square Values
11. Centre of Gravity and Moment of Inertia
* Appendix: Multiple Choice Questions (Chapterwise)
* List of Formulae
* Model Question Papers: Phase I: In Semester Examination (ISE)
* Model Question Papers: Phase II: End Semester Examination (ESE)

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