Authors Name Dr. Sachin M. Pore, Prakash A. Vedpathak
Edition First
Publishing Year Jan-20
Pages 160
ISBN 9789389825671
Language English
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Module 1 :

1. Introduction of Structural Design

(Basic Aspects of Structural Design, Introduction to Design Philosophies, Stress Strain behaviour of Materials, Permissible stresses, Comparison of Different Philosophies, Estimation of Loads)

Module 2 :

2. Design of Beam (Working Stress Method)

(Stress block parameters, Balanced, under reinforced and over reinforced section: Modes of failure, properties of singly and doubly reinforced rectangular section beams, Analysis and Design of Singly and Doubly Reinforced Beams)

3. Design of Slab (Working Stress Method)

(One Way and Two Way Slab: Behavior of slabs, types, support conditions, analysis and design with various conditions)

Module 3 :
4. Design of column & Footing (Working Stress Method)

(Analysis and Design of Axially and Eccentrically Loaded Columns, Isolated Column Footings)

5. Design of staircases (Working Stress Method)

(Staircases, Design of doglegged and open well stair case, effective span and load distribution)

Limit State Method

Module 4 :

6. Introduction to Limit Approach

(Introduction to Limit State Approach, Types and Classification of Limit States, Characteristics Strength and Characteristics, Load, Load Factor, Partial Safety Factors)

Module 5 :

7. Limit State of Collapse-Flexure (Rectangular Beam)

(Analysis and Design of Singly and Doubly Reinforced Rectangular Beam Sections)

8. Limit State of Collapse-Flexure (Flanged Beam)

(Properties of Flanged (L and T) sections, Analysis and Design of Flanged Beams)

Module 6 :

9. Limit State of Collapse (Shear)

(Shear Failure, Types of Shear Reinforcement, Design of Shear Reinforcement)

10. Limit State of Collapse (Bond)

(Bond – Types, Factors Affecting, Resistance, Check for Development Length, detailing of reinforcement)

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