Authors Name Dr. U. D. Kulkarni , Dr. I. A. Khan , Dr. M. V. Baride , Dr. A. B. Chakranarayan
Edition First
Publishing Year Jan-20
Pages 160
ISBN 9789389825411
Language English
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1. Introduction to Stratigraphy
2. Introduction to Palaeontology
3. Phylum Echinodermata
4. Phylum Arthropoda
5. Phylum Mollusca
6. Class Gastropoda
7. Class Cephalopoda
8. Phylum Brachiopoda
9. Phylum Coelentreata
10. Concepts of Organic Evolution
11. Introduction to Petrology
12. Magma and its Composition
13. Form of Igneous Bodies
14. Textures and Structures of Igneous Rocks
15. Classification of Igneous Rocks
16. Sedimentary Petrology
17. Textures and Primary Structures of Sedimentary Rocks
18. Metamorphic Petrology
19. Structures of Metamorphic Rocks
20. Tabular Classification of Metamorphic Rocks

About the Book :

The science which deals with the earth is known as Geology (geo means ‘earth’; logos means ‘study or science’). It deals with all the physical and chemical aspects of the earth, along with its structure, origin, age and evolutionary history of its surface. Its study is facilitated by the information obtained from specialised branches of science, such as Physical Geology / Geomorphology / Dynamic Geology, Mineralogy, Petrology, Structural Geology, Stratigraphy, Palaeontology, Economic Geology, Geochemistry and Geophysics.

Geology is an inter-disciplinary science and the advance made in its understanding is based on valuable research contributed from the other sciences. This has given rise to a host of specialised fields such as environmental geology, marine geology, photogeology and mining geology, to name a few.

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