PRACTICAL CHEMISTRY – CHEMISTRY (CH-303 & CH-403) – SY BSc – Semester 3 and 4


Authors Name Dr. G.S. Gugale, Dr. V.M. Shinde, Dr. V.D. Bobade, Dr. R.A. Pawar, Dr. A.V. Nagawade, Dr. L.R. Patil, Dr. D.R. Thube
Edition First
Publishing Year Oct-20
Pages 139
ISBN 9789390437849
Language English
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Semester 3 :
Section (A) Chemical Kinetics (Integrated Method),
Section (B) Inorganic Qualitative/Quantitative Analysis,
Section (C) Organic Qualitative Analysis Separation of Binary Mixtures and Qualitative Analysis (Two Mixtures : Solid-Solid type),
Section (D) Organic Preparations,
Section (E) pH Metry (Compulsory),
Section (F) Volumetric Analysis.

Semester 4 :
Section (A) Conductometry (Compulsory),
Section (B) Chromatrography (Compulsory),
Section (C) Ideal and Real Solutions,
Section (D) Adsorption (Compulsory),
Section (E) Synthesis of Co-ordination compounds,
Section (F) Inorganic Colorimetric Investigations,
Section (G) Organic Estimations.

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