Authors Name Dr. V. P. Ubale , Dr. P. H. Basutkar , Dr. S. R. Pujari , S. V. Rajmane , Dr. M. R. Asabe , Dr. N. G. Zunjurwad
Edition First
Publishing Year Aug-19
Pages 128
ISBN 9789389406689
Language English
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1. Atomic Structure and Periodic Properties

2. Chemical Bonding and Ionic Solids

3. Covalent Bonding: Valence Bond Theory (VBT) Approach

4. Covalent Bonding: Molecular Orbital Theory (MOT) Approach

* Model Question Papers

* Periodic Table

* Reference Book

About the Book :

We are very happy to introduce the book “Text Book of Inorganic Chemistry” for B. Sc. Part – I, Sem-I, Paper – II of Punyashlok Ahilyadevi Holkar, Solapur University.

The book has been written according to the new CBCS Pattern syllabus introduced from this academic year, 2019 – 2020. The book has been made very precise and simple. We hope our readers will find the book complete in itself. Typical questions of all types like long answer type, short answer type, short notes, multiple choice, and numerical problems etc. have been introduced at the end of each chapter. S.I. units have been commonly used.

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