Authors Name Dr. Pradip Kumar Sinha
Edition First
Publishing Year Sep-19
Pages 305
ISBN 9789389533187
Language English
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1. Introduction to Strategic Management

2. Strategy Formulation, Strategic Analysis and Strategic Planning

3. Strategic Choices and Strategy Implementation

4. Functional Strategy and Strategic Review

About the Book :

With the liberalisation and opening up of the economy, our country was thrown into a global system from its traditionally insular and self-reliant stance. For the Indian corporate world it meant a totally different ball-game. From a government protected system, it found itself in an environment where it had to content with market forces, large corporations with significant brand equity and also follow different resources, strategies and practices.

Again, with the new millennium, things look extraordinarily exciting as well as daunting. Enabling technologies, especially Information Technology have created a whole new realm of virtual reality, which has changed many paradigms of how business is conducted globally.

India also faces the task of not only integrating itself with the rest of the world, but more importantly, of understanding future global trends to work towards finding a place among the leading economies. This would involve leveraging significant advantages, such as, qualified manpower pool and natural resources to the fullest extent. The competitive edge will come from a company’s ability to innovate, create and use the entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial energies of its people.

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