Authors Name Dr. N. M. Vechalekar , Archana N. Vechalekar
Edition First
Publishing Year Dec-19
Pages 122
ISBN 9789389686531
Language English
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1. Forms of Business Organization
2. Public Enterprises and MNCS
3. Pricing Practices
4. Capital Budgeting and Investment Analysis
* Model Question Paper

About the Book :

This book on Managerial Economics (II) for F.Y. B.Com. (Sem. 2) students (New Syllabus from June 2019) has been written in a simple and lucid manner. An effort has been made to enhance clarity about the concepts in the subject through diagrams and appropriate explanations. This book is an attempt to offer to students of F.Y.B.Com. (Sem. – II) a fundamental tool which will enhance their understanding of Managerial Economics − II.

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