Edition First
Publishing Year Nov-18
Pages 164
ISBN 9789388293761
Language English
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Chpt 1. Product Planning and Pricing Decisions for Export Marketing
• Planning for Export Marketing with regard to Product, Branding, Packaging
• Need for Labelling and Marking in Exports, Factors Determining Export Price, Objectives of Export Pricing
• International Commercial (INCO) Terms, Export Pricing Quotations; Free on Board (FOB), Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) and Cost and Freight (C & F); Problems on FOB Quotation.

Chpt 2. Export Distribution and Promotion
• Factors Influencing Distribution Channels; Direct and Indirect Exporting Channels; Distinction between Direct and Indirect Exporting Channel.
• Components of Logistics in Export Marketing; Selection Criteria of Modes of Transport, Need for Insurance in Export Marketing
• Sales Promotion Techniques used in Export Marketing; Importance of Trade Fairs and Exhibitions; Benefits of Personal Selling; Essentials of Advertising in Export Marketing

Chpt 3. Export Finance
• Methods of Payment in Export Marketing, Procedure to Open Letter of Credit, Types and Benefits of Counter Trade
• Features of Pre-Shipment Finance and Post-Shipment Finance; Procedure to Obtain Export Finance and Post-Shipment Finance; Distinction between Pre-Shipment Finance and Post-Shipment Finance.
• Role of Commercial Banks, EXIM Bank, SIDBI in Financing Exporters, Role of ECGC

Chpt 4. Export Procedure and Documentation
• Registration with Different Authorities; Pre-shipment Procedure Involved in Export; Procedure of Quality Control and Pre-Shipment Inspection
• Shipping and Custom Stage Formalities; Role of Clearing and Forwarding Agent; Post-Shipment Procedure for Realisation of Export Proceeds; Procedure of Export under Bond and Letter of Undertaking (LUT)
• Importance of Commercial Invoice cum Packaging List, Bill of Lading / Airway Bill, Shipping Bill / Bill of Export, Consular Invoice, Certificate of Origin

– Model Question Paper

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